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AT-RT Driver
AT-RT Driver Promotional
Type AT-RT Driver
Color(s) Green and Brown
Orange and White
Blue and White
Variants N/A
Affiliation Grand Army of the Republic
Group(s) TBA
Notable AT-RT Drivers CT-0990 "Rust"
CT-5290 "Junker"
CT-7478 "Watch"
CT-2931 "Dak"
CT-4433 "Guy"
Role Special Ops

AT-RT drivers (also known as AT-RT scouts) were clone troopers specifically trained to drive AT-RT walkers onto the battlefield.

History Edit

AT-RT drivers were first trained for ten years prior to the breakout of the Galaxy Wars. In their training, they learned how to fight in jungles, patrol areas that would prove difficult by foot, and the use of AT-RT walkers.

Armor and Equipment Edit

For the most part, AT-RT drivers wore camouflaged armor and carried weapons such as the DC-15A blaster rifle, DC-15S blaster, and a number of thermal detonators. Some AT-RT drivers wore orange and white armor or blue and white armor, depending on what division they were assigned to. Some drivers had large weapons slung over their back in addition to their rifles.

Different from other troopers, their helmet featured a boosted-range comlink for when they were operating separate from their walkers. Also, to aid in their patrol and scouting duties, they often carried a circular lifeform scanner attached to the strap of the large gun slung over their back.

Notable AT-RT Drivers Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Most of the AT-RT drivers were trained in advanced engineering, though they do not consider themselves engineers.
    • They also learned demolitions, and were classified as "Demolitions Unit" troopers.