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Alpha-Class Advanced Recon Commando
Biz, Locker, and Eddie
Type Alpha-Class Advanced Recon Commando
Color(s) Blue and White
Red and White
Variants Null-Class Advanced Recon Commando
Affiliation Grand Army of the Republic
Group(s) TBA
Notable Alpha-Class Advanced Recon Commandoss Alpha-77 "Fordo"
ARC-6309 "Anthony"
Role Special Ops

Alpha-Class Advanced Recon Commandos (also known as Alpha ARC troopers) were the successfully altered clone troopers who became known as Advanced Recon Commandos.

History Edit

Alpha-Class Advanced Recon Commandos were the first successfully altered Advanced Recon Commandos made on Defalius. The Null-Class Advanced Recon Commandos, the Alpha predecessors, were regarded to as the failed batch. Jango Fett taught the ARCs mercenary techniques.

Eventually, Fett ordered that the Kaminoan cloners install a D-47 Deliberator Chip containing specialized orders, such as the order to kill all younger clones in case of a Defalius attack. Similarly to their Null-ARC brethren, the Alpha-ARCs were created with unaltered and independent minds.

The Alpha-Class Advanced Recon Commandos proved to be more reliable in battle than other troopers, but they were less controllable, oftentimes voicing their opinions on a Jedi's order.

Oddly, there was a tense rivalry between the Null ARCs and the Alpha ARCs. The Alphas had inherited Jango's solitary nature, and did carry a sense of pride in the fact they were part of such a great military force. Furthermore, they respected the fighting and leadership skills exhibited in virtually all of the Jedi. The Nulls, however, had a disruptive disregard for the Jedi and the Galactic Republic, something the Alphas took as an insult to the entire Grand Army of the Republic.

A majority of the Alphas were loyal only to the Republic and followed the Jedi's leadership without question (to a certain extent), the Nulls swore loyalty only to Taun We, one of the cloners. Hence, the Alphas saw the Nulls as renegade clones and a shame to Jango Fett's legacy.

Armor and Equipment Edit


Special Equipment:

Notable Alpha-Class Advanced Recon Commandos Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Most Advanced Recon Commandos are Alpha-Class.