Featured Character

Sally Firmbottom
Sally Firmbottom was born in Pussleville, California on June 1st, 2000. There, she resided with her parents in the Pussleville Apartments for two years before she had any friends. In 2002, Haliegh Kelly Myorgan moved in C39, the apartment across from the Firmbottom's.

Being the daughter of two wealthy parents who ran a bank, she and her family were able to help Haliegh out financialy, although the girl declined most of the monetary handouts. When Haliegh told her story to the Firmbottoms, they accepted her as a family friend, and enrolled her into Sally's daycare, Cutie Kisses Day Care.

The daycare was led by Ms. Abigail Nippu. There, Haliegh and Sally bonded, strengthening their already strong friendship. As time went on, the girls went to Seashell Elementary, where Ms. Nippu had been transferred.