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Armor is a protective covering primarily worn by militants. Some examples of armor include Mandalorian armor, Sith battle armor, and light battle suits. Most armors stops a standard blaster bolt, although advanced, heavy battle armor can withstand a heavy cannon bolt. Specialized weapons known as disruptors can punch through armor.

Description Edit

Armor was generally divided into three classes: light armor, medium armor, and heavy armor. Light armor usually came in the form of woven cloth or thin plastics. Medium armor, by far the most common, was made up of small ceramic or metal plates. Heavy armor was designed for front-line combat, and is usually fully enclosed.

Most cultures and races used armor for forms of armed conflict. Some armor was implanted with cortosis and made especially for battle with lightsabers. Mandalorian armor was some of the best armor in the galaxy, notably the Neo-Crusader armor used during the Mandalorian Wars.

Usually, armor was much more restrictive than regular clothing. Most Jedi did not use armor for this reason. Even though they did not wear armor, their robes had underlays for better protection. Armor was also used to show either rank or what type of soldier the wearer was, such as in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Types of Armor Edit

  • ARC trooper armor
  • Bone armor
  • Bounty Hunter armor
  • Darth Vader's armor
  • Imperial Knight armor
  • Mandalorian armor
  • Phase I Clone Trooper Armor
  • Phase II Clone Trooper Armor