The Battle of the Ormist was a skirmish on Torrace instigated over the gift of Galactic Republic clone troopers. It took place during the Galaxy Wars

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Prelude Edit

Before the battle began, the Torracians felt they had been deceived by the Republic, and became disgusted by the faction as a whole. In order to make good on the problem, the Torracians ordered that they be gifted clone troopers, otherwise Torrace would become a Separatist planet. However, the Republic would only give them the troopers if ample payment was received.

After the Torracians' purchase of clone troopers, they instantly discharged them from service (the clones became known as "Torrace's Boys"). Eventually, Torrace settled down, and became a neutral force until further notice. Eventually, the Republic decided to investigate what was happening with the clones, and a few representatives went undercover, assuming regular lives on Torrace.

A security officer discovered that a small region of Torrace with filled with Ormist followers familiar with the art of cloning. In order to further his investigation, the officer disguised himself as a practicing religious figure in the Ormist.

Once he arrived at one of the Ormist rituals, it was uncovered that the religious group had kidnapped one of Torrace's Boys, and wee torturing him. Ormist ritual leader Sigorum A'Resc had bound the completely naked clone so that he could not escape. The Incision Master was collecting blood, flesh, hair, toenails, and fingernails and placing them in viles so that the Separatists could then produce clones of their own. When bodily samples were depleted, body parts and organs were removed. The officer contacted the Galactic Republic, and various Jedi and clone troopers were sent to take part in the skirmish.

The Skirmish Edit

Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi took control of Ghost Company, one of the main groups who partook in the mission. They infiltrated the tent, taking all survivors of the assault to a prison on Torrace. There were very few Republic casualties, as the Ormist had no weapons in the standoff. Sigorum A'Resc was interrogated and information was gathered.

During the interrogation, it was revealed that the Ormist followers thought of humans as being "lower than farm animals", and that they oftentimes operated at a farm in order to demonstrate their opinions. The Republic freed all of the human farm animals, but the Ormist got away without a trace.

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  • Clone troopers consider the skirmish to be the most personal one they have been involved with.

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