Title "Bio"
Episode Five
Season One
Runtime 0:15
Air Date June 14th, 2011
Production No. 1.05
Writer(s) Mandalorian1428
Director(s) Mandalorian1428
Producer(s) Mandalorian1428
Primary Character Dave Jackson
Previous Episode "Dollar Store Potato Chips"
Next Episode "Strange Friends"

"Bio" is the fifth episode of Matt and Dave. It aired June 14th, 2011, and is the fifth episode of Season 1.

Plot Edit

Dave Jackson gives details about his personality and his appearance, but suddenly has to cut the audio clip short when he talks about his "big, fat, swelling pimple".

Narration Edit

"Dude, hey, I got a tattoo, I skateboard, I surf, I've got scars, and I also have a small beard growing with a mustache. I also have freckles and a big, fat, swelling pimple...SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID THAT! Sorry, gotta go! WHUAAAAA!" - Dave Jackson

Trivia Edit

  • It is the first episode to be less than thirty seconds.
  • "Bio" is the shortest episode at only fifteen seconds.

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