CC-0888 "Racer Startrail"
Serial Number CC-0888
Full Nickname Racer Startrail
Training ID ANT9
Gender Male
Height 1.83 Meters
Weight 175 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Hair Style Buzz Cut
Facial Hair Clean Shaven
Eye Color Brown
Age 10 (20)
Color(s) Red, White
Species Human (Clone)
Homeworld Defalius
Rank Captain
Status Alive
Affiliation * Galactic Republic

"The medics...their all dead...what do we do now, sir?"

CC-0888, nicknamed "Racer", was a skilled clone captain in the Grand Army of the Republic who served in the Galaxy Wars. He was the medic of Flash Squad.

Biography Edit

First Battle of Geonosis Edit

Having been commissioned during the First Battle of Geonosis, CC-0888 was introduced into war at a very intense point. He and the rest of the squad were tasked with capturing the Glantorin Spire from the Separatists. The troops were able to get inside by utilizing the various air ducts and probe droids. They were able to complete the task with no loss of life. After the spire mission, they called in reinforcements and moved into battle, where CC-1428 got shot. Due to his quick care, CC-0888 received the nickname "Racer".

Second Battle of Geonosis Edit

The Second Battle of Geonosis involved the Flash Squad returning capture a Separatist base. After clearing it of Geonosians, the squad infiltrated the control room, and realized that the whole station had surveillance. Upon noticing it, they were sidestepped with destroying the surveillance room so they could be incognito. Basher took it into his own hands to do so, being as aggressive as he was. Once they reached the room, they were suprised by the sight of Delta Squad.

Personality and Traits Edit

Racer was very optimistic and motivational in most every situation he and Flash Squad got into. Once, he got into a situation where he was the only surviving medic from an attack on a medical station, and he was temporarily discharged from duty to trauma of the scenario, but he was able to recover within a couple of weeks.

Equipment Edit

Racer, as the squad medic, was required to carry a med-kit in order to be of any help. He carried one blaster pistol, and had a blaster rifle strapped to his back.

Trivia Edit

  • Racer is considered one of Jock's favorite troopers due to the situation on Geonosis.

Appearances Edit

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