"I'm sorry, sir. Jock's right, you're wrong."
CC-9699 "Sail"
Serial Number CC-9699
Full Nickname Sail
Training ID ANT10
Gender Male
Height 1.83 Meters
Weight 176 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Hair Style Crew Cut
Facial Hair Rakish Goatee (Black)
Eye Color Brown
Age 10 (20)
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Species Human (Clone)
Homeworld Defalius
Rank Captain
Status Alive
Affiliation * Galactic Republic

CC-9699, nicknamed "Sail", was a skilled clone captain in the Grand Army of the Republic who served in the Galaxy Wars. He was Flash Squad's computer specialist.

Biography Edit

First Battle of Geonosis Edit

CC-9699 was first commissioned during the First Battle of Geonosis, when he and his squadmates were entrusted with capturing the Glantorin Spire, which had become a Separatist hotspot. They were succesful in infiltrating through the spire's airducts, and they utilized probe droids to make up for where they lacked in men. They were able to complete the mission without any loss of life, and, after completely seizing the spire, called in reinforcements. Flash Squad then went onto the battle field to join the rest of the troops. CC-0888 was called away when Commander Jock got shot in the chest.

Second Battle of Geonosis Edit

Similar to situations during the first battle, the squad had to return to Geonosis to capture a Separatist base. In order to sabotage it, they infiltrated the control room. Basher took it into his hands to take care of all the surveillance systems. Eventually, everyone met up with Delta Squad, who helped them disable the systems.

Personality and Traits Edit

"He's a geek...but he's our geek."

Sail was often described as a "geek" in the squad, mainly due to the fact he could fix several computing issues. He had a blunt sense of humor, and generally poked fun at Jock's gruff appearance. During an attempt to fix a computer plug, he was scarred on his left temple by a flying spark. Sail's squadmates have described him as "individualistic" due to the fact he wears a rakish goatee and shaves his hair into a crew cut.

Equipment Edit

Like all troopers in Flash Squad, Sail carried a DC-15S blaster and thermal detonators. However, as the computer expert, he was required to carry a standard-issue fusion cutter in order to do his job more thoroughly.

Trivia Edit

  • It is currently unknown why CC-9699 is nicknamed "Sail".

Appearances Edit

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