This article is about the official episode.. You may be looking for the beta version of the episode..
"First Day of School"
First Day of School Title Card
Title "First Day of School"
Episode One
Season Season 1: Clever Times
Runtime 9:24 (beta version)
Air Date August 11th, 2014
Production No. 1.01
Writer(s) Mandalorian1428
Director(s) Mandalorian1428
Producer(s) Mandalorian1428
Previous Episode None
Next Episode "Making My Clever Selection"
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"First Day of School" is the first episode of the Ol' Bum-Bum animated series.

Official Description Edit

"Haliegh Kelly Myorgan is faced with the decision of being with her favorite teacher, Ms. Nippu, or one of her best friends, Sally Firmbottom, when it's announced that her teacher must be transferred to another school." - Official Description

Plot Edit

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Haliegh Kelly Myorgan is seen in bed surrounded by plush characters and bright furniture. Her eyes suddenly jolt open after her alarm clock goes off. Realizing that it is time for school, she quickly gets up to get ready for the day. She takes the bus to school, where she gives her favorite teacher, Ms. Abigail Nippu, a crisp $10.

Ms. Nippu lets the class know that she will be making an announcement on the following day. Everyone is excited to find out what it could be about. She proceeds to teach her English class, focusing on prefixes and suffixes.

Later that night, Haliegh and her best friend Sally Firmbottom go to Haliegh's apartment, where they ponder about Ms. Nippu's announcement. After the Sally leaves, Haliegh goes to bed, only to have an ominous premonition that her favorite teacher is moving to a different school located fifty miles away.

She wakes herself up with her own scream, which is followed by a knocking on the door. When she opens it, she finds five teenage boys on the other side: Ryan Belch, Chris Bugle, Rudy Moser, and Jared.

Credits Edit

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

  • Director: Mandalorian1428
  • Producer: Mandalorian1428
  • Writer(s): Mandalorian1428
  • Animator(s): Mandalorian1428

Allusions Edit

  • During the scene where Haliegh yells to Sally that it is time for school, a painting in the background features Stupid Stickman.
  • The classroom that Haliegh goes to is AC12 - a nod to AnimationCity being officially founded in 2012.
  • When Haliegh has a flashback of buying Lampy, a lamp with Mable X. Clumpers can be seen on the shelf.

Trivia Edit

  • It was decided on July 7th, 2013 that the episode would be reanimated and rewritten in order to correct several mistakes present in the original version. The remake was completed on August 19th, 2014.
  • The first official trailer for Ol' Bum-Bum aired on December 31st, 2011, and it featured clips from the beta version of the episode. It has been nearly three years since the trailer came out, and Season One has yet to air.
  • The episode uses sound effects from the PC games Stronghold and Emergency 3.
  • The "Here's to You, Starla" running gag can be seen as a poster in Haliegh's bedroom.
  • An image of Betty Flappylips from Haliegh's favorite show, Cutie Cleverness, can be seen in the background of her apartment.
  • The alarm on her alarm clock is actually a siren.
  • Sally and Haliegh's desks say 'reserved' on them. They are in the very front row.

Goofs Edit

  • The price signs on the houses for sale appear to levitate, as the line drawn as the sign's base doesn't connect to the sign.

Differences from Original Edit

  • In the original script, there were supposed to be three teenagers that showed up to Haliegh's apartment (Chris, Denby, Ryan, and two others who remained nameless). However, it was eventually changed to three due to the troubles of using Microsoft Paint. The script never got changed, though, and Haliegh tells Sally that "five bully teenagers" kicked her out of her apartment. This error was not caught until after the episode was completed. Two new teenagers - Rudy and Jared - have been added to the remake.
  • The first scene in the original is Haliegh's premonition/the teenagers arriving. It is replaced by "the perfect day of school", which is followed up by the premonition and the arrival of the teenagers.
  • The original version of the episode only had 125 cells, while the new one has more than 200.

Deleted Elements from the Original Edit

  • When Haliegh wakes up, a peace sign mysteriously appears on her neck. This was supposed to be an Easter Egg since Haliegh is known to love peace. However, it ends up looking more out of place than a gentle nod to a fact.
  • Haliegh is seen wearing an eye mask that says "Bring the Relish: This Fall on NBC", which is a fake TV series title created by Mandalorian1428.
  • In the original, the pillows on Haliegh's bed contained invented quotes from Albert Einstein, John Wayne, and the fictional/misspelled "Queen Carl Ananamus".
  • Throughout the original, various clips from songs were used repeatedly. It was Mandalorian1428's least favorite parts of the episode.
  • The original was animated using layerless Microsoft Paint (making characters move with the backgrounds rather than on top of them). All episodes are now produced using GIMP 2.
  • Haliegh's shirt's text is changed more than ten times.
  • In the original version of "First Day of School", there are several hideous children seen sitting in the class room. Though their names are never mentioned, they are: Alice, Ariel, Betty, Billy, Brent, Clarine, Dwane, Jamie, Joan, Katie, Munchies, Quintin, Roy, The Green Ninja, Wendy, Vivian, Xyla, and Zach.

Appearances Edit

  • Lydia (First appearance)
  • Lampy (First appearance)
  • Clockward (Name Not Mentioned) (First appearance)