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Fledge Flodge
Fledge Flodge Poster
Title Fledge Flodge
Episodes 10 (Confirmed)
Seasons 1 (Confirmed)
Runtime Around 10 Minutes
First Aired TBA
Creator(s) Mandalorian1428
Writer(s) Mandalorian1428
Director(s) Mandalorian1428
Producer(s) Mandalorian1428
Format Animated Sitcom
Network AnimationCity
Rundate TBA
Rating PG
Genre Comedy

Fledge Flodge is a show that focuses on the life of a strange jockey from Sultage, Oregon named Fledge Flodge. The animated comedy currently lacks a planned airdate.

Plot Edit

Oregonian jockey Fledge A. Flodge has been living away from his parents since he was eighteen, but he lives with his sisters Saulprene Saltine and Mazu-zu. He and his best friends, Carl Udle and Bobby Spaslheimer, often go out of their way to go bizzerk and be annoying to their friends and acquaintances.

Bobby and Carl are notorious for getting into bad situations with Fledge that require Saulprene pulling them out of. Additionally, weightlifting jockey Stan Lurbergurber provides stiff competition in the sport, both on and off the racetrack.

Episodes Edit

Season Episodes First airdate Last airdate
One 10 TBA TBA

Stories Edit

In 2011, Mandalorian1428 released a few short stories that followed the Fledge Flodge storyline prior to it being planned as a show. Eventually, it was decided that the first stories would serve as the base plot for the first few episodes with a few modifications, making the stories as parallel canon.

Production Edit

The show is currently in the planning and writing stages, and it currently has no goal airdate. Due to the delays of Ol' Bum-Bum, it is likely that the production of Fledge Flodge may suffer the same delayed fate. No official trailers have been posted on Mandalorian1428's channel, suggesting that the show is not going to be officially announced on YouTube until the actual show is in production.

Products and Merchandise Edit

Main article: Fledge Flodge Merchandise
"I just want to get the shirts out there. That way, when the show is out, the shirts are already there."

As of October, 2012, the AnimationCity Shop began releasing its Fledge Flodge merchandise despite the fact the show has yet to be released. Currently, there aren't many products available, but there were a few in the planning stages that were intended to come out in January, 2013 (however, they were never released). New products have since been added to the shop. Additionally, action figures have been made, though they are not currently for sale. The only figures produced so far are Fledge Flodge, Carl Udle, Bobby Spaslheimer, Stan Lurbergurber, Saulprene Saltine Flodge, Brad Dragarag "The Security Guy", Taylor Crane, four unnamed jockeys, and Ranger Hans.

Cast Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Most of the characters were inspired by video games lacking actual characters, such as Madden NFL and Breeder's Cup 2004, that allow you to name or create characters.
  • Mandalorian1428 is currently confirmed to voice about 95% of all of the characters.
  • The character Fledge Flodge is one of the many characters in AnimationCity shows that is completely obnoxious.
  • In early concepts of the show, there were several characters set to appear in the series, but were written out. These characters included:
    • Cousin Mod-Sol - Most likely Fledge's cousin.
    • Baby Saulpretch - It is unknown who Baby Saulpretch was, other than he/she was a baby.
    • Prue - It is unknown who Prue was.
    • Weirdo Zombie Carl - Weirdo Zombie Carl was a zombie. He was removed for two reasons: 1) His being a zombie removed any remaining realism from the show and 2) he shared a first name with Carl Udle, possibly causing confusion amongst viewers.
    • Ranger Hans - Ranger Hans is a ranger. He is the only character that might make an appearance in the series.

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