This article is about the crazy jockey from Oregon. You may be looking for the show by the same name.
Fledge Flodge
Fledge Flodge Cell
Physical Traits
Name Fledge Flodge
Gender Male
Race White
Height 5'
Weight 102 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Life Born: March 9th, 1992 in Sultage, Oregon
Died: N/A
Occupation Jockey
Relations Barry Flodge (Father)
Dana Flodge (Mother]]
Saulprene Saltine Flodge (Sister)
Mazu-zu Flodge (Sister)
Jimik McJimik (Cousin)
Harvey McJimik (Uncle)
Fran McJimik (Aunt)
Roberto Links (Uncle)
Roberta Links (Aunt)
First Appearance "Fledge Goes Swimming"
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Voice Actor Mandalorian1428
Gallery Fledge Flodge Gallery

Fledge Flodge (born March 9th, 1992) is the main character in the self titled series. He is a jockey from Sultage, Oregon.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Fledge Flodge Cell (Casual)

Fledge dressed casually.

Fledge Alexander Flodge was born to Dana and Barry Flodge in 1992. He was an only-child until 1996, when his sister, Saulprene Saltine Flodge, was born. During his younger years, he spend much of his time at a local racetrack in 2001, taking racing lessons. Legend has it that he was kicked in the head by one of the horses, causing some of his strangeness, but it has not been confirmed. At the class, he met Bobby Spaslheimer and Carl Udle, two of his best friends. However, it was also where he first encountered Stan Lurbergurber, who was just as much as a showoff then.

Pool Incident Edit

Once, Fledge Flodge visited the neighborhood pool and caused terror unintentionally when he decided to climb to the top of a surrounding tree and change into his swim suit in public. He also donned a Dutch wig and clogs. However, Saulprene and Mazu-zu came over to visit the pool later, and instantly the Dutch wig were recognized as being Mazu-zu's, and the shoes being Saulprene's. Saulprene then threatened him to give her the items and buy her a "Magnetise Your Friends and Watch Them Stick kit" or she would not buy him "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" underwear. He agreed, and bought her the set after leaving the pool. Other guests at the pool included Mable X. Clumpers, Bananapam Sospasl, and Principal Ionlygetjunkmailinmymailbox.

American Idol Edit

Though not a singer or anyone who wanted to become a singer, Fledge Flodge auditioned for American Idol. Shortly before auditioning, he called his cousin, Jimik McJimik, to check up on how his amusement park was doing. During his audition, he wore an extremely tight pink and yellow jumpsuit that was too short by five inches. Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler were all gravely confused by who or what he was. His performance was of "Friday" by Rebecca Black, but he failed to perform the lyrics correctly or well. A microscopic organism got angry and shouted at him to stop. After the performance, each of the judges said "no" after activating a laser from either their eyes, nose, or mouth. Somehow, Fledge thought they all said "yes", and it continued throughout the rest of the show. He was convinced that every time they said no, that they meant yes. In the end, he thought he won.

Personality and Traits Edit

Fledge's way of thinking has been described as "out of sync with the world" by a number of people. Despite his lack of normalcy, he is extremely kind, generous, and friendly. Before each race, he'd wish everyone luck and be a good sport about no matter what the race outcome was. He has short black hair and blue eyes. He's the shortest in his family besides Mazu-zu at only five feet tall.

Relationships Edit

Saulprene Saltine Flodge Edit

Main article: Saulprene Saltine Flodge

Being his younger sister, Fledge tends to hang around his siblings often. She finds him to be one of the most annoying people in Sultage, even despite the fact they are relatives. However, they do have a sibling/family bond that causes them to remain close to each other.

Mazu-zu Flodge Edit

Main article: Mazu-zu Flodge

Fledge has been known to take and use personal items that belong to Mazu-zu, which has caused conflicts. One such occasion was when Fledge took their Dutch wig and clogs, causing a fit in the neighborhood pool.

Carl Udle Edit

Main article: Carl Udle

Carl has been a long-time friend of Fledge's, as they both attended the same racing school. The two often get into trouble.

Trivia Edit

  • The idea for Fledge Flodge came from the 2004 Breeder's Cup video game.
  • Fledge Flodge has been compared to the Annoying Orange for being annoying.
  • Fledge's basic silks were based on those used in National Velvet.
  • Originally, Fledge was going to be a tall, skinny man with a mustache.
  • He has a BMI of 19.9 at the 12th percentile, and is considered a "healthy weight".
  • He's the second shortest in the Flodge family, standing at 5'. The shortest is Mazu-zu.

Appearances Edit