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"Hacking Skills"
Title "Hacking Skills"
Episode Six
Season Two
Runtime 0:51
Air Date July 26th, 2012
Production No. 2.06
Writer(s) Mandalorian1428
Director(s) Mandalorian1428
Producer(s) Mandalorian1428
Primary Character Matt Brillar
Previous Episode "Lettuce Hater"
Next Episode "Movie Making"

"Hacking Skills" is the sixteenth episode of Matt and Dave. It aired July 26th, 2012, and is the sixth episode of Season Two.

Plot Edit

Matt Brillar describes how he hacked Dave's computer.

Narration Edit

Narration details coming soon.

Trivia Edit

  • Matt mentions he possesses an iPhone.
  • Apparently, Dave has images of My Little Pony saved onto his computer. It is unknown if this is true or not.

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