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Fledge Flodge, a jockey.

A jockey is someone who rides racehorses on a track for a mount fee. Typically, they are under 5'5" in height and around 115 pounds.

Notable Jockeys Edit

Barry Flodge Edit

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Barry Flodge was the first born son to Papa Spinelli Flodge and Mama Panelli Garbanzo in 1963. His grandparents were originally for Italy on both sides, but his father's side's name was changed to Flodge on Ellis Island. Barry was born in New Jersey, but moved to Illinois when he was eleven. He got a job working at the Links Family Farm as a stable worker when he turned thirteen. Eventually, he moved on to the sport of horse racing as a horse caretaker when he was fourteen. On his 16th birthday, one of the owners said that Barry could ride one of the horses. Becoming addicted to the feeling of racing, he was a jockey for two years. He met Dana Links at a horse race once, and they fell in love. Years ago, though, he had played with her as a child when he lived on the farm. They had three children together.

Bobby Spaslheimer Edit

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Bobby Spaslheimer was one of three sons belonging to Garen and Brenda Spaslheimer. His brothers, Leo and Drake, were always seen as better by his parents since they were much stronger and taller than Bobby. However, Bobby did attend horse racing lessons in 2001 at a local race track, where he met Fledge Flodge and Carl Udle. After becoming an amateur jockey, he learned how to race against the pros. When he turned sixteen, he became a pro jockey and made a large amount of money each month, earning more respect from his parents and brothers.

Carl Udle Edit

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Carl Udle was born on February 3rd, 1992 to Manny and Sylvia Udle. Manny was a jockey since his 20s, but his son did not share an interest in the sport. In 2001, Carl was enrolled in a horse racing class, but he sat on the sidelines for the most part, but he met friends. From age ten to fifteen, he played soccer and basketball. In high school, his friend Bobby Spaslheimer turned him on to horse racing. He, Bobby and Fledge Flodge became extremely obsessed with the sport, and the group of hyperactive jockeys began. They also had a fierce rivalry with Stan Lurbergurber, a weightlifter that often tormented them.

Fledge Flodge Edit

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Fledge Alexander Flodge was born to Dana and Barry Flodge in 1992. He was an only-child until 1996, when his sister, Saulprene Saltine Flodge, was born. During his younger years, he spend much of his time at a local racetrack in 2001, taking racing lessons. Legend has it that he was kicked in the head by one of the horses, causing some of his strangeness, but it has not been confirmed. At the class, he met Bobby Spaslheimer and Carl Udle, two of his best friends. However, it was also where he first encountered Stan Lurbergurber, who was just as much as a showoff then.

Manny Udle (Formerly) Edit

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Manny Udle was a jockey ever since his early 20s. One day at the Sultage Race Track, he met his future wife Sylvia. The two eventually fell in love, and had their only child, Carl, five years after getting married on February 3rd, 1992.

Wanting to carry the jockey occupation down through the years, Manny and Sylvia worried that Carl's lack of interest in horse racing would stop the Udle family tradition. In 2001, they enrolled him a horse racing class, which he disliked greatly. During his high school years, Carl played soccer and basketball, where he met Bobby Spaslheimer. Bobby turned him on to horse racing by training him around the race track. Knowing that the horse racing tradition would continue, Manny retired from the sport when he turned 45 in 2008.

Mi Taylor (Formerly) Edit

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Mi Taylor came back to the Brown home after failing to find a source of work that suited him. He and Velvet Brown later encountered an odd mist in the stables, which caused them to vaporize.

Stan Lurbergurber Edit

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Stan met Bobby Spaslheimer, Carl Udle, and Fledge Flodge at the local race track in 2001, and he was extremely cocky and sure of himself. At this point in his life, Stan was already an Olympic weightlifter with two gold medals. He had no interest in being a jockey other than the fact that he wanted to get at the Flodges and their friends.

Taylor Crane Edit

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Taylor Crane is a jockey from Sultage, Oregon.

Velvet Brown (Formerly) Edit

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While out in the stables of her home, Velvet encountered the mist at the same time as Mi Taylor. The two are vaporized and sent into the dark chamber.

Trivia Edit

  • Fledge Flodge is currently the only show to feature jockeys.
  • There are currently two unnamed jockeys set to appear in the series.

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