A list of AnimationCity shows.

Programming Edit

Show Title About
AnimationCity World Wonders Videos and slideshows of nature, the world, and inventions.
Fledge Flodge Fledge Flodge, a crazy jockey from Oregon, deals with a series of strange situations along with his sister.
Handy the Severed Hand and Company Handy Handington and his family's daily life.
The Infection Desmond McHale must fight against a zombie apocalypse that was brought up by a contagion.
LEGO Hatfields & McCoys A LEGO stopmotion miniseries of the History Channel series "Hatfields & McCoys".
LEGO Pawn Stars A LEGO stopmotion of the hit History Channel series "Pawn Stars".
Matt and Dave Two teenage boys in their every day life.
Ol' Bum-Bum A young girl named Haliegh Kelly Myorgan deals with bullying, friends, and various situations.
Slidly Clump The son of an athletic father, Slidly Clump deals with being a dumb and unathletic kid.
Spyro the Dragon: The Movie A movie of the hit 1998 PlayStation game, "Spyro the Dragon".
Star Wars: The Galaxy Wars A fanon twist on Star Wars.
Stupid Stickman Various comedical situations that Stupid Stickman must deal with.
Top 20 Creepiest Haunted Places in America A slideshow of the top 20 haunted places.
Top 20 Creepiest Haunted Places: International Top 20 Creepiest Haunted Places goes international.
Untitled LEGO Series A series following a group of odd people living in a town.
Waffle and a Cheez Nut A strange abstract comedy with a slideshow of pictures.
Warped Warriors A group of modern infantry gets warped into different wars of history.