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Mandalorian1428 (whose channel is AnimationCity) is a user on YouTube.

History Edit

Mandalorian1428's channel was started in June of 2011. The first video posted was a LEGO parody of Rebecca Black's song, "Friday". From there, the channel expanded to include original shows, such as Handy the Severed Hand and Company, and many others. Currently, Mandalorian1428 uploads many AnimationCity shows in addition to game videos. Being the creator of AnimationCity, many of the originals are posted directly to the channel. Now, Mandalorian1428 has a secondary account entitled AnimationCityTV, which is called the "official channel of AC", despite the Mandalorian1428 is also credited as official.

Characters Edit

One of the main things that Mandalorian1428 is all of the characters that are shown on the channel. Over 100 characters have appeared in various AnimationCity videos and series.

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Trivia Edit

  • Mandalorian1428's current avatar is Norman Bates from Psycho.
  • Mandalorian1428 has the inate ability to create agonizingly high voices, even despite having a lower-pitched voice.
  • Mandalorian1428 has never revealed any personal details, and remains totally anonymous for amusement. For all we know (according to Mandalorian1428), they could be an alien.