"Not So Merry Christmas"
Not So Merry Christmas Title Card
Title "Not So Merry Christmas"
Episode N/A
Season N/A (Special)
Runtime 9:29
Air Date December 23rd, 2012
Production No. N/A
Writer(s) Mandalorian1428
Director(s) Mandalorian1428
Producer(s) Mandalorian1428
Previous Episode None
Next Episode "Dependent on Independence"
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"Not So Merry Christmas" is the first Christmas Special of the Ol' Bum-Bum animated series.

Official Description

"Haliegh is convinced she has ruined Christmas when the tree is set on fire and the cookies are burnt." - Official Description


Haliegh Kelly Myorgan and her friends are at the Crosstown Mall waiting in line to sit on Santa's lap. At this point, the only girls left to tell him their wishes are Sally Firmbottom, Mellissa Deg, and Haliegh Kelly Myorgan, who are all in front of a man with greasy blond hair. The other Cutie Girlz are behind the barricade.

Sally asks Santa for a writing set, a "cute tee", and love and peace. On her turn, Mellissa asks for an art set, which she follows up with an awkward pause. After waiting a while, the mall Santa asks if she wants anything else, which she responds with a no. It soon becomes Haliegh's turn, and he begins to worry that his lap will not be able to support her enormous rear.

Behind the barricade, shoppers Rick and Lori Grimes decide they want to watch the events play out. Haliegh asks for several meaningless items while Santa is getting irritated, and his lap is growing painful. He slaps Haliegh, and she runs off to her friends.

Sally grows angry at what happened, calling it "unacceptable", followed by Mellissa bringing up the fact that the North Pole's Crosstown office is located at the mall. Even despite being the victim of the events, Haliegh says that the girls should not complain to "Mr. Kringle" on Christmas Eve.

Everyone goes home to Haliegh's house. Annie Mulsworth is baking cookies with Mary Mariana as "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer" plays in the background. In another part of the house, Sally and Lisa are making ornaments to hang on the tree.

Eventually, the girls are all sitting in Haliegh's living room, where Mellissa is seen hanging ornaments while the others are around the fireplace. Haliegh proclaims, "Susan, you know the drill", suggesting that something done every Christmas Eve is about to take place. Susan proceeds to dump gallons of gasoline in the fireplace, and Haliegh strikes one of Billy Joe's Silly Matches 4 Kids and tosses it into onto the log after yelling "fire in the hole!". The entire house begins to shake, and she yells "fire in the hole" again. She rips off an enormous fart, causing an even bigger explosion.

After hanging up some ornaments, Mellissa comes down to suggest that the glass panels on the fireplace be shut. Haliegh declines, saying that keeping them open "keeps their buns warmer". A package of Buns of Steel Burger Buns are shown being kept warm by the fire. Sally then shows that she brought her favorite ornament given to her by her Great Grandmother Elise Firmbottom the day before she died. Mellisa proceeds to hang it at the top. A proud and emotional Sally is seen crying with joy.

Declaring that Christmas wouldn't be complete without it, Haliegh puts a wreath that encircles Ol' Bum-Bum's face. Five minutes later, all of the girls are sitting around the fireplace when Annie begins to smell that something is burning. It is not long after that Mary realizes that it is the cookies, and she gets up. On her way to retrieve them, she accidentally tips over the tree, which lands in the fire.

With Mary not making any attempts to put out the now flame-engulfed tree, Sally declares that it has caught fire, and Haliegh jumps into action on putting it out. Sally picks up the now-broken and charred remains of her Great Grandmother's ornament, and holds them in her hands. Her eyes turn red and her breathing becomes rythmic and almost psychotic.

Now covered with a severe case of Worry Crinkles, Haliegh believes she has ruined Christmas even though she hasn't caused any of the events that turned things in the wrong direction. Everyone except for Sally is angry at her, each featuring and angry face. The first of the girls to turn on her are Lisa, Amanda, and Annie, causing Haliegh to run off to her room in tears.

Once she leaves, Sally explains that they can't stay mad at her due to her sensitivity. Annie and Lisa offer to go apologize, but it is decided that the girls leave her be because she would believe their apology was incincere.

Up in her room alone, Haliegh convinces herself that she can fix Christmas, which Ol' Bum-Bum agrees. She begins to fix the holiday in "montage style", which features the training music from Rocky IV. She starts shopping for a new tree by calling the Dandy Christmas Tree Emporium, but she accidentally calls a Russian man who is with another man named Vladimir.

Haliegh then goes on to cut down a living tree, which she compares to cutting off her own foot. She then tries to call the Christmas Tree Specialty Store, but ends up with the same Russian man as before. In the kitchen, she is now seen baking new cookies. She continues to chop the tree, and eventually it falls down. Parodying the training sequence of Rocky IV, she yells out "SANTA!" in a victorious manner.

The girls return later that day after Haliegh invites them back. Sally is the first to apologize. Annie is the first of the girls to try to take blame for the incident, which Mary and Lisa try to take later on. Haliegh is completely forgiving of all of the girls.

That night, the girls sleep over at Haliegh's house and are seen in their pajamas from above. On Christmas day, there are presents beneath the tree and snow is falling. Mellissa calls it the best Christmas ever, and they all enjoy the holiday together.



The episode was released on YouTube on December 23rd, 2012. There, it was made available two ways: with music and without music. In July, 2014, "Not So Merry Christmas" was made available on Ol' Bum-Bum: The Holiday Special Collection.



  • Rick, Lori, and Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead appear in the background of the opening mall scene. Carl is the only one that doesn't speak in the episode.
  • The "Juniper Soft Fleece" jacket worn by Carl later became a product in the AnimationCity Shop.
  • During the mall scene, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" by Andy Williams can be heard playing on the overhead radio.
  • When the girls go home to Haliegh's house, a record above the fireplace says "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer as Sung by James Earl Jones", which is being played throughout the scene.
  • The episode was three seconds longer than the original "First Day of School" episode.


  • During the scene with the girls at the mall, Haliegh and the man in line move up twice.


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