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Sally Firmbottom
Sally Firmbottom Cell
Physical Traits
Name Sally Firmbottom
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Height 4'7"
Weight 82 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Life Born: June 1st, 2000 in Pussleville, California
Died: N/A
Occupation Student
Relations Haliegh Kelly Myorgan (Friend)
Mellissa Deg (Friend)
Elise Firmbottom (Great Grandmother)
First Appearance "First Day of School"
"Not So Merry Christmas" (First YouTube Appearance)
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Voice Actor Anonymous
Gallery Sally Firmbottom Gallery

Sally Firmbottom is one of the best friends of Haliegh Kelly Myorgan as well as a writer born to two bankers in Pussleville, California on June 1st, 2000.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Sally Firmbottom was born in Pussleville, California on June 1st, 2000. There, she resided with her parents in the Pussleville Apartments for two years before she had any friends. In 2002, Haliegh Kelly Myorgan moved in C39, the apartment across from the Firmbottom's.

Being the daughter of two wealthy parents who ran a bank, she and her family were able to help Haliegh out financialy, although the girl declined most of the monetary handouts. When Haliegh told her story to the Firmbottoms, they accepted her as a family friend, and enrolled her into Sally's daycare, Cutie Kisses Day Care.

The daycare was led by Ms. Abigail Nippu. There, Haliegh and Sally bonded, strengthening their already strong friendship. As time went on, the girls went to Seashell Elementary, where Ms. Nippu had been transferred.

Seashell Elementary Edit

During the first few days of being enrolled at Seashell Elementary, Sally and Haliegh were bullied by Samuel E. Tirrek, one of the students there.

Being that Haliegh didn't believe in giving teachers apples, she would give Ms. Nippu $10 every day. At first, the teacher didn't accept the gifts of money. Sally eventually explained that Haliegh was extremely generous, and that she would be emotionally crushed if the gift wasn't exepted. This gifting provoked teasing on both of the girls.

"First Day of School" Edit

Main article: First Day of School
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On the first day of third grade for Sally and Haliegh, trouble arose when Haliegh got kicked out of her apartment by a group of teenagers known as Ham Stew 4 Rent.

"Not So Merry Christmas" Edit

Main article: Not So Merry Christmas

Sally on the mall Santa's lap.

On Christmas Eve, Sally and the members of the Cutie Girlz visit the Crosstown Mall to sit on Santa's lap. Both she and Mellissa Deg get on successfully, but are appalled when the store Santa slapped Haliegh simply because she was lifting off too many gifts.

When they return to Haliegh's house, Sally reveals that she brought over her special sentimental ornament given to her by Great Grandma Elise only a few days before her death. Upon hanging it, she is seen crying with joy and pride. When Mary Mariana realizes her cookies are burning, she gets up and accidentally knocks over the tree and sets it on fire. The ornament is soon engorged in flames and unsalvageable.

Sally becomes enraged, holding the charred remains of her heirloom ornament in her hands. Her eyes turn red and her breathing becomes rhythmic and almost psychotic. However, she knows it is not Haliegh's fault like everyone has started to believe. She is the only one to initially believe that it is in fact Mary's fault.

Haliegh, believing she has ruined Christmas, runs off to her room sobbing. Once she is completely out of the room, Sally explains that they can't stay mad at her due t her sensitivity. Annie and Lisa offer to go apologize, but it is decided that the girls will leave her because she would think the apology was forced and insincere.

The girls return later that day after Haliegh invites them back. Sally is the first to apologize, and Annie is the first of the girls to try to take the blame for the incident. She is followed by Mary and Lisa. Due to her kind nature, Haliegh is completely forgiving of her friends.

That night, each of the girls stays over at Haliegh's house. On Christmas day, there are presents beneath the tree and snow is falling. Mellissa deems it the best Christmas ever, and they all enjoy the holiday together.

"Dependent on Independence" Edit

Main article: Dependent on Independence

On July 3rd, 2013, Sally and the Cutie Girlz are in Haliegh's family room when everyone decides to go out to buy fireworks. Everyone thinks its a great idea. Before they go out, Sally states she must change her shirt as she is "covered in Annie Mulsworth sweat".

When they arrive at the stand, she tells Haliegh that she has $100 that her father gave to her to spend on groceries. Feeling spiteful to be in control of her father's money, she gets excited to hear that the total is $96.91. After some struggle to calculate the amount, Haliegh figures out that there's $3.09 left to spend on groceries.

Rather than go to Way Safe, a grocery store less than 150 feet away, Sally decides to buy a box of Yum Stenson's Marginal Bars from a bum named "King Snake", who is obviously intoxicated.

Back at Haliegh's house, Haliegh offers to make some fresh lemonade for everyone. They all say yes, and they gather in her kitchen. Five rotten lemons sit on the sink, disgusting Lisa. Haliegh explains that the lemons are "perfectly fine" and are just "aged to perfection" when her friends begin to question the quality of the lemons.

She adds three lemons into the pitcher, and used salt in place of sugar. After shaking it all up, Haliegh gives everyone a glass. Sally hates the taste, but covers it up so she doesn't hurt Haliegh's feelings, as does Mellissa. The other girls, however, give less tactful responses. Christine, Linda, Amanda, and Anna, however, genuinely enjoy the drink. Susan is found chugging down the entire amount of leftovers.

Now back in the family room, Haliegh rips off her clothes to reveal a patriotic jumpsuit. She breaks into song, and is seen with Sally as a flag bearer. Once the song is over, Haliegh rips off her patriotic outfit, this time with screaming. It is suggested that she is totally nude.

On Independence Day, the girls attend the Crosstown Parade. The Crosstown Band passes by first, playing "Augustus Gloop" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The first float to pass by is the Globe Buns Association, followed by Pickadilly Ed, a carver. Billy Joe's Silly Matches 4 Kids float then comes by, featuring Billy Joe himself onboard. There, he is restrained by officers Jimmy and Jacob, and he dons two balls and chains in addition to his straight jacket. The girls all applaud him.

Back once more in Haliegh's family room, she is seen holding up a bottle of Juicy Juice; there, she asks if anyone wants to get drunk. In the next scene, everyone is seen with an emptied glass of juice. Haliegh then decides to host a block party, suggesting that she invite the staff of Black Bear School and the Dare Club in addition to the attendance of the girls.

The block party commences once the sun has gone down. The guests include the girls, the Dare Club, Abigail Nippu, Bounty Dude, Pickadilly Ed, King Snake, and Michael Lashian. Bounty Dude reveals he's brought "high-grade pyrotechnics" for the show.

After Haliegh's brief speech about Independence Day, Sally assists her in lighting the fireworks. She starts off with a Silly Eye firework, placing it on top of Ol' Bum-Bum. The show goes on for a while until N.O. Waye notices professional fireworks going off.

"Trick or Trap!" Edit

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On October 29th, 2013, Sally and her friends are onboard a Crosstown Public Transit bus that's taking them to the Crosstown Fall Festival. Haliegh begins to sing "The Wheels on the Bus", causing a man on the bus to yell at her to stop. After pausing for a moment, she and the other riders chime in together. The man then proceeds to jump out the window for escape, but ends up dying from the impact of an oncoming car.

When the girls arrive at the Crosstown Fall Festival, they encounter the admission woman, who is sitting atop the admission booth's counter. Haliegh struggles to count the number of people with her. Sally offers to pay, but Haliegh insists. It is then revealed that Sally likes to look out for her close friend.

Once inside, the girls go towards Bela's Fortune Telling tent based on Susan's request. There, each of the girls are given a basic fortune that would not provide any insight on the future. On Susan's turn, Bela reads her palms and finds out she is his next victim, as he is a werewolf.

After conversing for a short while with Larry Talbot, Gwen, and Jenny (who were all in line), a scream is heard from the tent, and Sally and the others rush to Susan's aid. Inside, she is seen with a bite on her shoulder and a revolver in her hand. She explains that Bela transformed into a werewolf, but that she had a silver bullet and a gun on hand.

The next stop is the bobbing for apples station. Susan, now bandaged up, has had her shirt replaced with a new Crosstown Fall Festival t-shirt. Though Linda, Lisa, and Annie have disgusting experieces, all of the other girls reveal they have pristine-looking apples.

Shortly afterwards, everyone goes onto the hayride, where there is a group of questionable looking individuals onboard. The odd group is composed of a man disfigured by a disease, a maniacal-looking clown, a a Gothic woman, and a [[Monument Woman|large woman. The diseased man mentions that his condition is only contagious when someone comes in contact with his saliva, and he bites into an apple.

Sally panics about where he got the apple, and he says he got it bobbing for apples twenty minutes ago.

Personality and Traits Edit

Sally has an extremely strong personality that she generally keeps in low doses. Overall, she has a very strong sense of what's right and what's wrong, and often defends Haliegh no matter what gets in the way of her. Having to little to no toleration for bullies, Sally always takes care of anyone teasing her friends.

For almost all of her life, Sally has donned medium-length brown hair that reaches her shoulders. Known for her beautiful green eyes, she is considered to be pretty.

Relationships Edit

Haliegh Kelly Myorgan Edit

Main article: Haliegh Kelly Myorgan

Having known each other since they were two years old, Sally and Haliegh possess a firm bond and care for one another. During their school years, it is expressed that Sally is a strong protector of her best friend, as she often defends Haliegh against bullies such as Samuel E. Tirrek and N.O. Waye. When Michael Lashian slaps Haliegh at the Crosstown Mall, Sally jumps into action and saves her.

N.O. Waye Edit

Main article: N.O. Waye

Sally hates N.O. Waye with a burning passion, as he has tormented her best friend for several years. The two have gotten into several arguments over the years for having different view points on Haliegh Kelly Myorgan.

Trivia Edit

  • Sally is one of the main protagonists in the show.
  • Her middle name is Wendy, as her parents were Peter Pan fans.
  • Her nicknames include "Sally-Girl" and "Sals", both given to her by Haliegh.
  • She likes the color magenta, however, it is unknown whether or not it is her favorite.
  • During several different fights, Sally has learned how best to defend Haliegh.
  • The purchase of granola bars from King Snake is considered to be Sally's worst decision during Ol' Bum-Bum.
  • Since she appeared to be so spiteful when buying the fireworks, it is suggested that Sally may have a need for independence from her parents.

Appearances Edit

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