Spyro the Dragon: The Movie
Title Spyro the Dragon: The Movie
Runtime TBA
Release Date September, 2014
Writer(s) Mandalorian1428; Insomniac Games
Director(s) Mandalorian1428
Producer(s) Mandalorian1428

Spyro the Dragon: The Movie is an AnimationCity movie set to air in September, 2014.

Plot Edit

The story begins on a bright sunny day, when the dragons were filming a documentary for the DNN (Dragon News Network). A topic that is brought up to question for the dragon Lindar is the topic of the creature known as Gnasty Gnorc. Because of his mischievous nature and general unpleasantness, he was banished from the Dragon Realm long ago.

Rumors began that Gnasty had been tinkering around with magic spells, one of which that could encase dragons in crystal, another that could turn gems into Gnorc soldiers. When Lindar was asked if Gnasty was a potential threat, not only did Lindar deny such a possibility, he also insulted Gnasty by calling him ugly. Upon hearing such things, Gnasty Gnorc was enraged.

In his anger, Gnasty utilized those two spells, trapping all the dragons, and turning a good number of the gems into monsters. He even invited thieves to steal dragon eggs and treasure to further his revenge. What Gnasty didn't expect though, was that he had failed to trap a single dragon child, named Spyro.

Perhaps it was that he was too small, or that Gnasty didn't think of him as much of a threat, but Spyro was able to avoid being trapped never the less. With his faithful pal Sparx the Dragonfly at his side, Spyro must free all the dragons, collect all the treasure, recover the eggs from the thieves, and torch Gnasty Gnorc in order to save the Dragon Worlds, to become one of the realm's greatest heroes.

Soundtrack Edit

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The soundtrack was arranged by Steward Copeland, the drummer for the 80's rock group "The Police". He used a mixture of Keyboard MIDI and real sounds in his private studio. He is praised for his work in Spyro the Dragon, due to his creation of an upbeat soundtrack featuring peppy tunes which correspond with the theme of the level they are in.

Trivia Edit

  • The movie is to feature actual gameplay video.
  • Mandalorian1428 has stated "I'm looking forward to making this movie...Spyro is a classic game, and it needs to be turned into a machinima movie."

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